The Impact of COVID-19 On Newsletter Ads and Online Notifications

COVID-19 has increased the use of the Internet by up to 70%. People are now messaging, browsing, and watching videos more than ever before. In fact, 53% of Americans have admitted that the Internet has been crucial during this outbreak.

This online boom has increased the pool of potential customers online and affected consumer behavior with noticeable changes in time on devices and media consumption. Airship, a customer engagement platform, revealed that there had been an 18% growth in mobile messaging and a 58% increase in web visits since COVID-19 started.

Customers’ responses to online notifications and newsletters ads is also exhibiting some exciting changes. The open rates for push notifications in mobile apps rose by 22% in February and March 2020.

So what does this mean for you? Read on to learn more!

Websites and Message Centers

The study by Airship also showed that website traffic due to opening web notifications increased by 58% during COVID-19. During the same period, opt-ins for notifications grew by 14%. In-app messages also rose by 42%, also demonstrating the increase in message open rates.

Web notifications have become an alternative channel for brand communication, offering high-visibility messaging to customers. The messaging is usually real-time and personalized based on your customers’ website and app behaviors.

LiveIntent, a people-based marketing technology platform, also noted an increase in newsletter ad spends. Food and drink marketers increased their budgets by up to 43%. Consequently, they have witnessed doubled click-to-conversion rates during the pandemic.

Newsletter ads have also been used for awareness and sensitization messages. The American Hospital Association (AHA) ran ads in Axio newsletters to highlight the efforts in the fight against COVID-19. One ad aimed to encourage businesses and manufacturers to produce adequate PPE for health workers through the 100 Million Mask Challenge.


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Tech, Travel, and Education Industries

The COVID-19 outbreak forced schools worldwide to close. This resulted in a massive exodus of the education industry on the Internet. But it also reduced business activities within the sector, leading to a decreased cost-per-acquisition by about 60%.

The tech industry, on the other hand, has really benefited. With more people staying at home, the demand for tech products has skyrocketed. In fact, the tech and computing industries witnessed a 460% increase in conversion rates.

Advertisers in the Hobbies & Interests category experienced a 32% increase in costs for customer acquisition. Consumers are using in-home and online training classes to stay fit. Virtual tours are making it easy for people to view their favorite zoos, parks, and museums.

According to LiveIntent, these trends are due to the growing need for distraction among consumers during the lockdowns. Others are determined to achieve their self-improvement goals now that they have more free time.


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Final Thoughts

As a marketer, this unprecedented time offers opportunities for growth if you have a well-structured strategy. With more people staying at home, many are using the Internet for disruption and escape. This means the number of people online is greater than ever before.

You can add newsletter ads and web notifications to your strategy in order to tap into the growing online customer pool. Be sure to be sensitive about the current situation. Your tone and message should not disregard what people are experiencing right now.

You can strive to reinforce public health awareness campaigns or provide solutions that are helpful to your customers. More importantly, be sure to keep your customers up to date on your business operations and any expected changes over this period.